3 Creative Money Saving Self-Care Tips

3 Creative Ways Women Can Save Money Without Sacrificing Self-Care

Women are busier than ever these days, which means that self-care is even more crucial for maintaining our mental and physical health. Getting that self-care in when you are also working on a tight budget can feel impossible though, especially with all of the expensive self-care products and practices marketed toward women. The good news is that self-care really can be affordable for anyone — especially when you focus on the self-care habits that can do the most for your health and wellness, without doing the most damage to your finances. So, here are just a few of the surprisingly low-cost self-care ideas you can put to work for you. 

Plan a Girls’ ‘Staycation’ and Split the Costs 

Want to use more of your vacation time without wrecking your budget? Plan a “staycation” in Austin and share a vacation rental with your best girlfriends or female family members! As Turnkey explains, from a SoCo stay during South by Southwest, to a Zilker Park home for Austin City Limits, there’s no shortage of fabulous condos, apartments, and houses available to rent in Austin for your epic girls’ trip. Just be sure to use helpful links like the one above to search for properties near your must-do activities. You can use a travel rewards credit card to finance your vacation and earn additional travel perks. But if you don’t want to rack up more debt, there are alternative payment options as well, such as apps that make flights more affordable. So, why take a girls’ trip in the first place? Well, studies have shown that traveling with other women can actually provide real health benefits, so book a trip with your best friends, your sisters, or even your mom — and do it as soon as possible!

Check Health Insurance for Wellness Benefits 

If you want to practice serious self-care, you should know that buying new products is totally not necessary! While the health and beauty industry may use self-care movements to boost sales, some of the most effective self-care routines cost little to nothing at all. Free self-care that can calm your anxieties and relieve stress can include improving your sleep, reducing your social media time, or just spending more time doing absolutely nothing.

Of course, there are some costly self-care routines that can benefit women that are well worth the investment. For example, regular counseling sessions with a trusted therapist can be a powerful self-care tool. Counselors and therapists have the ability to compassionately point out choices that may not be helpful for you, but these professionals can also help you find gentle ways to change those behaviors. Best of all for your budget, therapy may be covered by your current health insurance plan, so additional costs shouldn’t cause you additional financial stress. 

Make Cost-Free Lifestyle Changes for Better Health 

In addition to the totally free self-care practices mentioned above, there are some other low-cost steps you can take to improve your overall health and well-being. For instance, instead of relying on fad diets and expensive meal plans to meet your health and fitness goals, you can try healthy eating steps that work to improve your long-term health. Making small changes, like adding more fruits and veggies or planning your meals and snacks, are much healthier ways to improve your diet. As an added bonus, when you plan your meals, you also tend to spend less on groceries, which means that this simple self-care routine can be just as good for the state of your budget as it is for the health of your mind, body, and soul. Making other healthy choices, like getting more active or spending time with friends, can provide positive benefits, so research low-cost ways to get more of these health-boosting activities into your daily life. 

If you want to save money on self-care without sacrificing your mental health or physical well-being, stop listening to social media! Because women really don’t need pricey self-care products or over-the-top wellness routines to improve their quality of life. They really just need some basic self-care moves, like the ones above, to reduce stress and boost their health! 

By Gloria Martinez
Gloria is with WomenLed.org which aims to celebrate women’s achievements in the workplace and is dedicated to increasing the number of women-led corporations, organizations, and small businesses by educating others about women-led achievements.