EK Headshot.jpg

Elise Keoghan, LPC-Intern
Supervised by Sara Weber, LPCS, CEDS

(512) 595-3030

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern and fitness and nutrition enthusiast. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas and my Masters in Counseling from St. Edwards University, and have completed Level I of John Gottman’s training.  I have a passion for health and nutrition and have my Sports Nutrition Certification through AFPA.

I have enjoyed fitness all of my life. I ran track in high school, wake-boarded in college, have years of experience competing in bodybuilding competitions, and now you can find me weight lifting in the gym and out training for my upcoming half marathons. My longtime love for fitness and sports has given me a special passion for working with athletes, particularly with eating disorders, body image, after injury or loss, life after college or pro sports, and anxiety and depression. Athletes experience unique pressure to perform, and eating disorders and body image issues are much more prevalent among athletes than the general population. As an athlete myself, I understand the importance sport plays in an individual’s life. Athletes devote a tremendous amount of time, energy, and resources into physical training, and I believe we can achieve even more in life when we train emotionally and mentally as well; in order to perform at our best physically, we need to be healthy mentally and emotionally.

I also work with adults and adolescents who have grown up in homes with alcohol or drug abuse, mental health issues, and domestic violence. Growing up under these circumstances can lead to learning survival strategies that don’t benefit a person moving forward in life as an adult. These coping mechanisms can impact relationships, finances, and manifest into eating issues or alcohol addiction. Developing healthy ways to manage life and interact with others could break these generational patterns and allow one to move forward in a healthy way.

I truly believe there is something for everyone in therapy, and have been witness to the transformation it renders in people’s lives. It provides support in difficult times, helping us to become more resilient in the future. It helps us see new perspectives, achieve goals and move closer to the person we want to be. It helps us change patterns and cycles that cause us pain, and it allows us to begin healing from the past. Let’s get started today!