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June 22, 2019
Auguest TBA

What is it?

Come spend the day working on the tasks, projects or big ideas that you NEED to get done! Or you can dive into the things you WANT to get done.

With a little guidance and a lot of support, you’ll leave with clarity and energy!

9:00a-5:00p, Central Austin

A comfortable, calm and focus-enhancing space.

A guided morning intention circle. A lunch break to connect, a post-lunch focus exercise and a closing ritual. *All activities are optional, you could just have access to the space, beverages, food & solitude if you like.

Wifi, printer, paper & art supplies provided.

Space is limited to ensure enough working space for everyone.

$30 fee includes lunch and guided portions of the day.

Some ways people will use their time: Get caught up on notes/tasks, brainstorm a big idea, get taxes organized, set-up a system (quickbooks, budgeting, time tracking, etc.), website plan, marketing strategy, read a book, write a book, do Art, journal, meditate…

Questions? Email me.

It all started when…

I felt paralyzed by my task list.

Have you ever had that moment of panic when you realize your to-do list is running off the page?

All your big plans and exciting ideas are buried under all the small stuff you can’t seem to cross off the list!

There has to be a way to dig ourselves out of this hole! Hire a personal assistant? Nope! Not in the budget!!

When your big ideas get buried by the small tasks, it can feel helpless. You just have to start doing the things on the list - ugh!

Where do you find the time? The motivation?

My mind is so helpful sometimes and pinged me with a possible solution.

I remembered back in grad school we had “work parties”. A few of us would get together at one person’s house and spend the whole day cheering each other on, hitting our deadlines and we’d even squeeze in self-care - a scheduled lunch break and group walks were life-savers!

It is just sooo much easier to set-aside time to get things done - the mundane, boring stuff - when we’re doing it side-by-side with colleagues.

And when we’ve committed the time to Get Stuff Done we can choose to use our energy more wisely.

What needs my attention MOST right now?

What needs to happen NEXT for my big dream to come into view?

How can I accomplish steps TODAY to help me grow in the next 6 months?

When we’re all in the same room for 8 hours we have the incentive to think big, share support, challenge ourselves and explore the wildest possibilities.

Ready? Sign-up for the next Get Stuff Done Retreat!

Why me? Why here? Why now?

Do you have big ideas and even bigger goals?

Do you crave focused, supported and energized time?

Me Too!

People often say to me, “I don’t know how you do all the things you do.” This surprises me. I feel buried in my task list - just like you.

And yet when I’m honest with myself, I do get a lot done! I choose to have a big impact. I use each day well.

There is no denying that it takes a lot of focus, planning and mindfulness to Get Stuff Done. I rely on the knowledge of others, guidance and mentorship to keep pushing forward.

I want you to have support and guidance too. I can help you achieve your Big Things and I know it will change the world….one small task list at a time.

I’m grateful to have 25 years of experience running things, building businesses and getting stuff done. I want to share my experience with you. To give back what I’ve been gifted.

Here. Now.

If not now, then when?

I ask myself this every day.

It is a constant correcting of my course… because my mind wants to put things off. Avoid discomfort for one more minute, day, week, year…

Getting Stuff Done is uncomfortable. Doing it alone just doesn’t make sense.

When we’re all trekking through the tasks together, we transform the inevitable discomfort into rocket fuel to achieve our goals.

When you sign up for the Get Stuff Done retreat, you can commit to sitting in the discomfort of

Doing the tasks,

Learning something new,

Stretching your skills,

Tackling the hard work…

and walk away accomplished, stronger, energized and more determined than ever!

Get Stuff Done Retreat
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