Using your Health Insurance

If you have Health Insurance, you likely want to know if you can use it at Discovery Counseling Austin. 

Before you schedule with a counselor, you should contact your health insurance provider customer service phone line and ask some important questions:

1.      Do I need a referral to see a counselor?

2.      Is my counselor “in-network” (see below for your provider’s information)? 

a.     If Yes, do I have a deductible and how much has been met (if any)?

b.     If No, do I have out-of-network benefits I can use for my provider visits?  What is my coverage for an out-of-network provider?

3.      Are there any limitations to my mental health services such as session limits or diagnoses that are not covered?

You may also want to ask: If I wanted intensive treatment like an IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program), couples counseling, family counseling or a group counseling service, would these be covered under my plan?

The Insurance Customer Service Agent will need the clinician’s full name and NPI plus our address.

2520 Longview St., Suite 307 Austin, TX 78705

Landon Cotton  1336560507

Michele Sharon  1285022681

Jenny Gilbert  1215356951

Alicia Pace  1366863805

Sara Weber  1366863805

Discovery Counseling Austin  NPI : 1144733270