Michael Lopez, LPC-Intern
Supervised by Jay L. Jeter, LPC-S

(956) 648-9222

You must be feeling a bit nervous and/or anxious about taking this first step in your mental health enlightenment. Trust me, you are not alone! To make things less worrisome for you, let me express to you what you may expect from a typical counseling session with me.

I will provide you with an empathetic collaboration between us, with ZERO judgment. You are seeking counseling because you are making a choice to solve lingering thoughts & emotions, presenting issues, and future concerns and what I can provide for you are therapeutic tools, coping strategies and ways to gain insight to overcome these obstacles gradually on your own.

I am experienced with LGBTQI+ relationship challenges, specializing in communication and jealousy. I am poly-aware provider and provide non-judgmental exploration of complex relational dynamics.

I’m passionate about issues related to men and the effects of masculinity. Whether you are a heterosexual male, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, FTM, or someone in between we can work on breaking toxic masculine barriers and construct a new meaning of masculinity.

I want you to feel accomplished and satisfied in your day to day life by making decisions appropriate for your needs; by thinking critically and becoming more in tuned with who you are as a whole. You have made the first step. Be proud of yourself and celebrate this small victory! Join me in the next step, and let us see what we can accomplish together!