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$225 / 90-minute initial assessment session; $160 / 50-minute follow-up session

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Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO


United Healthcare/Optum


Kids (10+)


College Students




Eating Disorders


Eating/Body Concerns


Intuitive Eating


Health at Every Size®




Athletic Performance




Body Image/Body Dysmorphia


Deborah Torrey Fisher

512-607-9360 ext 72

I work great with...

  • All individuals with eating disorders, disordered eating, or a lack of peace with food.
  • People who are ready to address body image challenges and body dysmorphia struggles.
  • Individuals seeking LGBTQ+ affirming and informed nutrition support.
  • Clients who want to create a healthier relationship with exercise/physical activity or those who want to begin one.
  • Those interested in Intuitive Eating and a more flexible, non-diet approach to nutrition and wellness.
  • Someone in a unique life stage (such as pregnancy/postpartum, financial challenges, parenthood, life transitions, injury recovery) looking for practical, individualized nutrition guidance for their particular situation.

Style & Approach

I think some of the first things my clients would tell you is that I am incredibly personable and trustworthy, patient and easy going, and that I truly care about each of my clients and our work together. The second thing they would tell you is that I am always honest and direct and am comfortable calling out stuff when I see it–usually gently and with some colorful language! I don’t believe any two clients need the same type of support from nutritional counseling and as such I approach each person individually and willing to adjust my practice to their unique and specific needs. I’m passionate about practicing from a client-led perspective, believing that we’re a team who combines my expertise in nutrition, food, and wellness with your expertise of your body, experiences, and lifestyle.

Some of the approaches I Use...

  • Client-Led
  • Intuitive Eating
  • HAES® Aligned
  • Gentle Nutrition 
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Body Liberation
  • Weight Inclusive/Fat Positive
  • Non-Weight Approach
  • Non-Diet Approach
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Fun Facts

Relaxing for me is all about being around my family doing just about anything. It recharges and grounds me.

I get way too excited about documentaries and court cases. I could watch endless hours of just random court cases or documentaries on almost any topic!

Self-care for me is any type of movement. Movement and exercise for me is a celebration of all the amazing things your body can do! I love all forms of movement and exercise and am always looking for ways to find something new or challenging to do.

My favorite Austin activity is literally anything and everything Austin–I love ACL, stumbling upon random music scenes, the art, the food, the culture, the diversity, the ability to do a million and one things and it never be the same. I love everything about my hometown!

The best Saturday afternoon includes a lot of sunshine, laughing, and cuddling with my kids.


Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, Texas State University, 2012

Master of Science in Human Nutrition, Texas State University, 2017

Professional Experience

  • Practicing Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) since 2015
  • Licensed Dietitian (LD)
  • Clinical experience in both a hospital/acute care setting and private practice
  • Experience in higher level education as lecturer for Texas State University
  • Preceptor for dietetic interns


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