Discovery Counseling Austin
Counseling with a Provisionally Licensed Clinician
Consent Addendum

You are seeing one of our team members who is provisionally licensed to practice in their professional field.  Provisionally licensed clinicians are highly skilled and already have years of experience before they are hired at Discovery Counseling Austin.


Health insurance plans typically do not reimburse for services provided by provisionally licensed clinicians.  Be aware that you are responsible for fees not covered by insurance.

You can use a health savings fund for services. 

If you have a Whole Foods Insurance policy, services rendered by any counselor on our team are covered (according to your insurance policy).

Your insurance may cover services provided by a clinician who is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and you are seeking services for a substance use disorder (regardless of a provisional status for the clinician’s primary license).


Information gathered in clinical sessions will be held with the same confidentiality laws of all clients at Discovery Counseling Austin. Clinical details will be discussed with your clinician’s supervisor for the purpose of training. Exceptions to confidentiality are the same as the practice policies when there is suspected child/elder abuse, imminent danger to the client or others, a court order, or when a client signs a release of information.  If your clinician is utilizing video or audio recording to aide in their training, you will be informed and you will be allowed to “opt out” of recording your sessions. 

What does it mean to be Provisionally Licensed?
All provisionally licensed clinicians have completed 2+ years of graduate education in a counseling or social work curriculum and up to 800 hours of practicum experience before becoming provisionally licensed.  Clinicians complete 3,000-3,500 client hours before receiving full licensure.  The full timeline for transitioning from provisional to full-licensure takes about 2 years of rigorous training.


If you have any questions about this information, please speak with your counselor or you may email the Practice Director at