Renee Randazzo, LPC

(512) 537-9841

Hi there! I am a transgender-affirming psychotherapist who specializes in helping people navigate gender transition journeys and offers ongoing support for life after transition. QTPOC are more than welcome. Also, since we LGBTQIA people have a whole array of other things going on besides our sexual orientations and our genders, my scope extends beyond these issues. First and foremost, I listen. I take the time to create a safe space for the unfolding of each unique story. Using a relational, trauma-informed approach, I work with people to gain insight, to practice coping strategies, and to experience growth and healing. My specialties include gender identity, gender affirmation / transition, sex and sexuality, intersectional LGBTQ issues, trauma and complex trauma, anxiety, eating and body image, family-of-origin issues, spirituality / soul, and relationships. 

I gained expertise in transgender health through my work at Fenway Health in Boston and worked with Austin-based organizations Out Youth and the Central Texas Transgender Health Coalition. I am invested in developing local transgender resources and assisting people to navigate transition steps. For adults, youth, and couples I provide counseling through Discovery Counseling. For professionals and community members, I teach workshops on the following topics: 'Gender exploration - Unbiased Guidance and Discovery' and 'Working with Transgender Clients - 101 & 201.'

If my services sound like they might be a fit for you, I invite you to send me an email! I assure you, I will respond. We can discuss how to move forward - possibly by beginning counseling with me, or possibly by me helping you find and navigate other resources. While I am not able to accept insurance at this time, I set my rates to be as affordable as possible so that support is accessible even in tough times.