LPC-Intern Supervision

You've finished your practicum and gotten some clinical hours and experience.  You've even completed that hard-earned degree.  Now the fun begins!  How can you make the best of this intern status?

It may not seem like this part of your professional development is the best part of your career but you might be surprised at how many benefits there are to being an intern.  In my humble opinion, good supervision can make the biggest difference in how much you can grow during this intern season.   

Supervision benefits


Internship is a time of great adventure and many challenges so you need someone by your side who knows the journey


School is over but now you can learn about topics that matter specifically to YOU


YOUR professional identity development is the most important goal during this time of professional evolution


You are not alone.  Working with a seasoned professional allows you to grow and feel more confident


A supervisor is there for you at every turn.  A mentor and guide on your journey of becoming the professional that YOU want to be

Supervision Options

Individual Supervision

Weekly supervision meetings to discuss cases, professional identity and continuing education topics.  Supervisor of record with LPC board. 

Group Supervision

Bi-weekly group meetings for 3 or more interns to discuss professional identity and continuing education.

Intern Associate

Weekly individual and/or group supervision and the opportunity to see clients in my practice for clinical experience and support with how to run a practice if you'd like to pursue this in your career.

If you'd like to become an LPC-Intern with Sara Weber, LPCS-S, CEDS-S,