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Intuitive Eating And the Holidays Workshop

The holidays are often spent with loved ones enjoying food. When the new year rolls around, it can be easy to get stuck in the dieting mindset. This workshop will go over how to eat intuitively during, as well as after the holidays. You’ll explore all of the sneaky ways diet culture comes up during this time of the year and learn how to navigate this with intuitive eating. By the end of this workshop, you will know how to implement all 10 principles of intuitive eating and enjoy the holidays without food guilt. This workshop is open to adults from any background.


Sunday, October 27, 4p-6p

There will be a cap of 10 participants, so sign up soon! If you cannot make this time, please email as more offerings of this workshop may come up in the coming months.

*If any accommodations are needed, please contact
Please make requests at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Photo by  Samuel Ferrara

mindfulness for everyday life

This workshop teaches the science behind mindfulness and how simple daily practice can bring your awareness to the ways in which you may be "tripping yourself up" but you'll also learn practical ways to use mindfulness to improve your overall coping and attitude toward life and all it's challenges.

Photo by  Rene Bernal

Photo by Rene Bernal

Parenting with your whole heart

Parenting is the hardest job we have as adults and in this workshop we teach the interpersonal neurobiology approach to parenting that helps you tap into your internal wisdom about your kids and yourself to help your family thrive- even in times of stress and pressure. 

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