Professional Workshops

We offer professional training workshops for counselors, health practitioners and a variety of other professionals. 

Our workshops are interactive and informative. 

Working with Transgender & Non-Binary Clients Workshop Series

Sept. 21, Oct. 19 & Nov. 16

Discovery Counseling invites you to participate in a series of workshops about gender identity issues and working with transgender clients.

Continuing education credits are available for LPC and Social Work.

These workshops will be presented by Renee Randazzo, M.S., LPC Intern, supervised by Sara Weber, LPC-S, CEDS. Renee gained experience in best practices in transgender health through Fenway Health in Boston. In addition to her work at Discovery Counseling, Renee has worked with Austin-based organizations Out Youth and the Central Texas Transgender Health Coalition.  

Counseling Skills for Gender Identity Exploration - Sept 21st 3p-5p

In this workshop, we’ll unpack counselor competencies in helping clients explore their gender identities. Participants will learn to practice from a curiosity mindset, honoring each client’s unique journey. We’ll discuss how to pose provocative questions about gender messages received from the outside world and how to gently guide clients toward discovery of their inner knowledge of self.

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Next Level Counseling Skills for Transgender Clients - Oct 19th 3p-5p

In this workshop clinicians will learn guidelines and skills for compassionately and competently working with transgender and gender non-binary clients. Topics will include navigating initial communication with potential clients, thinking through logistical and ideological considerations around supporting transition steps (i.e. writing letters of support), and increasing knowledge of local resources for transgender community.

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Working with the Transgender Client- Getting Deeper - Nov. 16th 3p-5p

As the workshop title implies, this workshop will dive more deeply into experiences of transgender and gender non-binary clients and their needs in a counseling setting. We’ll identify stressors and challenges frequently faced by transgender and gender non-binary people, as well as strengths and sources of resilience among transgender and gender non-binary people. Co-occurring disorders and more complex presentations will be explored. Participants will leave with a strong grasp of core competencies for gender affirming counselors.

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