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The thing about counseling...

is that it helps you feel better. That’s a clinician’s job, and their training. To help you understand how your brain and body works. And to give you insight and practical ways to deal with whatever’s up. For the sole purpose of feeling better and living well. Because that’s what we’re all here for.

our core values are pretty simple.

We believe in kindness, authenticity and compassion. That each of us deserves to be supported through life’s challenges. To feel valued and connected. To feel a sense of love and belonging.

It's all the good stuff. Plain and simple.
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It's always been about accessibility. And baking.

Sara Weber started Discovery Counseling in 2017. The purpose was always about helping more people get counseling, especially newcomers, marginalized folks and young adults. They were the ones who always seemed to have the hardest time getting the support they needed. Still do. That’s why we’re here.

Sara Weber

Sara’s also a baker. An award-winning cake artist, in fact. As with baking, Sara had just the right ingredients to expand Discovery into an amazing  team of more than 20 counselors in a few short years. An Austin native, Sara feels like making professional counseling accessible and available in her home city is like sharing slices of a delicious – and beautiful – award-worthy cake.

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Land Acknowledgement

We humbly acknowledge and pay our respects to the Indigineous People on whose ancestral lands Austin is located, including the Tonkawa, Apache, Ysleta del sur Pueblo, Lipan Apache, Texas Band of Yaqui Indians, Coahuitlecan, Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas, Kickapoo Tribe of Texas, Carrizo & Comecrudo, Tigua Pueblo, Caddo, Comanche, Kiowa, Wichita, Chickasaw, and Waco peoples. We honor and celebrate all of the Indigenous People who have and continue to live on and care for this land on Turtle Island, on which we now work, learn, and grow. We recognize the historic and ongoing displacement, genocide, injustice, cultural destruction, and land theft against Indigenous People. We are committed to continued personal and professional education about decolonization and our impact on this land.