Erin Clark


Clinical Dietitian




is not accepting new counseling clients at this time.

$225 / 90-minute intake session; $160 / 50 minute follow-up session; Some sliding scale spots available



Eating Disorders


Eating/Body Concerns




Body Image/Body Dysmorphia


Athletic Performance


Intuitive Eating






Erin Clark

(512) 607-9360 Ext. 52

I work great with...

  • Individuals who can admit the major flaws within diet culture and want to work towards building a positive relationship with food and their body 
  • Members of the LQBTQ+ community who seek a safe space for healing
  • Clients who feel limited control around their food choices and thoughts 
  • Those who are excited to learn about the healing nature of food and how it can become a positive experience 
  • Those who are willing to be challenged and are motivated for change 

Style & Approach

Clients describe me as compassionate and caring with a strong sense of humor. I’m known for creating a safe space so that my clients can be open and honest about their struggles. We work together to create goals that encourage clients to strive to be their best selves and empowered by their food and nutrition choices. 

Some of the approaches I Use...

  • Intuitive and Mindful eating
  • Health at Every Size (HAES)
  • Goal Setting 
  • Anti-diet: all foods fit/food freedom
  • Client centered care 
  • Trauma informed care 
  • Body liberation 
  • Self Compassion
  • Weight inclusive, fat positive 
  • Joyful movement
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Fun Facts

My favorite animal is my dog! She’s an Australian shepherd poodle mix named Sydney

I get way too excited about seeing my dog when I walk in the front door 

I love Taylor Swift’s music because who doesn’t love a good T.Swift moment?

Self-care for me is a big Tshirt, lit candles, laying in bed, with a crime drama series playing on the TV

My favorite Austin activity is hiking with my partner and dog followed by breakfast tacos from Vera Cruz


Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Pittsburgh

Dietetic Internship, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Professional Experience

  • Licensed Registered Dietitian (LDN, RDN)
  • Dietetic internship rotations: community nutrition, clinical care, and foodservice 
  • Clinical Experience in partial hospitalization level of care: Eating Disorders, Mood & Anxiety
  • Outpatient services specific to sports nutrition 
  • Practicing eating disorder clinician in an outpatient setting


is not accepting new counseling clients at this time.