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Rebecca Cannon

512-607-9360 ext 63

I work great with...

  • People who desire  effective and positive coping skills for anxiety, worry and Depression.
  • People who have a drug and alcohol problem and need support maintaining sobriety.
  • People who want to stop using alcohol or drugs for good and are ready to really be free from the addictive cycle.
  • College, Masters and PhD Students who need help adjusting and coping with the stress and anxiety of University life.
  • Someone who needs spiritual guidance and support who believes in a higher power.
  • Someone who is experiencing the death of a loved one, going through a Divorce, the death of a beloved pet or a breakup.
  • Someone who is open to creative ways to handle stress, anxiety and Depression.

Style & Approach

You don’t have to navigate through hardships all alone. I have the gift of compassion and I truly understand what it is like to go through overwhelming struggles and intense emotions. When you work with me, you can expect a counselor who is kind, non-judgmental, spiritual and creative. I will gently challenge you on your path to wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Clients describe me as intuitive, empathic, compassionate and funny.

I’m known for my dog, Lily as she is sweet, supportive, hilarious and will be sure to make you smile. She is my office mate and assistant.

Some of the approaches I Use...

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • 12 Step Model for Sobriety from Alcohol
  • Harm Reduction for certain substance use disorders
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Therapeutic Journaling
  • Creativity and Crafting as a positive Outlet for stress reduction
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Fun Facts

My favorite animal is the Dog, specifically my Dog.

Relaxing for me is all about walking on a trail and spending time mindfully in the present in the great outdoors, hugging trees and watching butterflies, flowers and birds.

My favorite outdoor activity is going to Ladybird Lake trail, walking and running while people and dog watching.

I get way too excited about hiking in the mountains.

Self-care for me is listening to Taylor Swift’s last 2 albums, Folklore and Evermore and her remake of Red while walking my dog on the trail.

I love learning about Addiction Recovery and a Spiritual path to Sobriety.

My favorite Austin activity is eating ice cream and then taking my dog to the greenbelt or any of the numerous trails-just ask me, I know all of them.

For me, creativity is writing, crafting, meditating, and reading books on Witchy things like Tarot, Manifesting, Psychic, Intuitive and Green Witches.

I feel calm and content when I’m watching True Crime on Discovery Plus or Hulu.

The best Saturday afternoon includes spending time outdoors with the dog, going to some recovery meetings, eating ice cream or cookies and then watching True Crime.


Masters in Counseling at St. Edwards University, 2015

Bachelor’s  of Science in Radio, Television and Film in 1993

Professional Experience

  • I worked for Integral Care, Travis County’s Mental health Authority on the Assertive Community Treatment Team (2014-2016) helping those experiencing Homelessness, with Substance Use Disorders and with Acute mental health issues.
  • I worked overnight in several Psychiatric Hospitals in Admissions in Austin for two years (2016-2018.)
  • I worked at a Treatment Center in Wimberley helping those with Substance Use Addictions to Drugs and Alcohol.
  • I volunteered for a year at Austin’s Grief and Loss Center leading groups to help those who were grieving the loss of a loved one either by Cancer, Suicide or Drug overdoses.
  • Brought Alcohol Anonymous meetings to the Gatesville Women’s Prison to lead AA meetings for Incarcerated women with drug and alcohol issues, many of which were in prison for offenses that were related to their drug and alcohol problems.  I wanted to bring hope with recovery to Women in Prison.


is not accepting new counseling clients at this time.